Saturday, June 1, 2013

REVIEW: Beauty Bar Cosmetic Brush Cleaner

Generally, brushes must be cleaned once a week. I will write about my brush cleaning ritual on a different post since it is too important to be clumped with a review. This is my first time to try the Beauty Bar Cosmetic Brush Cleaner. I used it to clean my natural and synthetic bristle brushes. I used it for spot cleaning (spraying it directly on the brush) and deep cleaning (dipping the brush on a bowl of the cleaner). I also tried to mix it with water which was such a fail so I would dissuade you from mixing the cleaner with water. I cleaned my eye brushes, face brushes and also lip brush.

I find that the Beauty Bar Cosmetic Brush Cleaner works better with natural bristle eye brushes by dipping the brush. I don't like using the spray because I find that this wasteful. Honestly, I found it difficult to deep clean my brushes especially my more dense, synthetic brushes. I use so much product just to clean one brush. 

The best way to use this is to put some cleaner in a small bowl. Dip your brushes by batches grouping the smaller, eye brushes then the face brushes that are least dense or smaller. Note that dense brushes absorb the cleaner quickly. Let the brushes stay dipped in the solution for a minute or two just to loosen the makeup particles in the brush. Wipe in a swirling motion the brushes in a towel or paper towel and here you can see the makeup products coming off. You will have to repeat this process because in my experience, the Beauty Bar Cosmetic Brush Cleaner was never able to quickly clean my brushes. 

It is 595 php for about a 300-350 ml bottle available in Beauty Bar Stores nationwide.

  • Cheap for a big bottle
  • Readily available in malls
  • Contained in a spray bottle
  • Uses a lot of product for one cleansing
  • Cannot deep clean
  • Wants a cheap brush cleaner
  • Needs something for a quick spot clean 
  • Wants a spray bottle

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