Saturday, June 1, 2013

EVENT: Canmake Launch

On 9 May 2013, Canmake had a mini launch at Wine Museum to introduce their products to some bloggers and makeup artists. The nice thing about it was they did not only provide information about their products but they also let us test their products and give our own comments and suggestions. 

Canmake really has such cute pretty packaging!!!! I felt like a kid in a candy store with all the cute makeup they were passing around and using for demos!!! Best thing about it was we got to try them all!  I made sure to leave the event with full on kawaii makeup ;)

Canmake is a Japanese brand that pushes "cute, high quality and reasonable prices" in their products. If you love adorable packaging, you're sure to fall in love with Canmake products which is very much kawaii. But it's not all about looks for Canmake because their products, although very affordable with prices ranging from 250-1000 php only, are high quality. They have long staying power and colors match well with what you see on their cases. 

Here is Iya Consengco of doing an impromptu modeling :D

I already love the Canmake blushes but it is my first time to try their eye shadows and mascara. I will be doing a review of some of the products I picked up from the event and also the ones I bought :D

Taking a break with Iya and Sabs Hernandez of Musings of a Makeup Maven (

Channeling our Sweet Taste Makeup with Cai de Leon of Introspect Salon and Makeup Studio and Donna Andrada, Advertising and PR Manager :) We fell in love with the Creamy Touch Rouge 02 lipstick so notice how we're all wearing the same shade ;))

Iya had her hair done by one of the Japanese photographers (wasn't able to get his name)!

Smokey eye expert Kenta Kutsuma :) Follow her on Instagram @kmkutsuma

Notice how my eyes look bright? I lined my lower lids with a white shimmery eye shadow. Must have in my makeup arsenal!

Sabs Hernadez, Iya Consengco, Cai de Leon, Donna Andrada

I liked how I was able to lighten my brows with the coloring eyebrow without making it look too artificial on me plus it made me look younger!

Creamy Touch Rouge lipstick. I will definitely do a review on this as soon as I buy it :)
Gokumori Mascara -- one of their bestsellers

Cai used the UV Silky Fit Foundation and Creamy Touch Rouge 02 lipstick. 

With the Canmake Tokyo and Philippines team and professional makeup artists and makeup addicts ;D

Thanks Iya and Bea Almeda, chief makeup artist of Canmake in the Philippines, for the invite :D (

I am so looking forward to Canmake in Manila! I already have a list of items I will buy :)

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