Friday, August 22, 2014

REVIEW: Fernando at Coloane Village, Macau

One of the most highly recommended restaurants online in Macau is Fernando. We took a free shuttle to the Venetian, crossed their bus parking lot (on your left before you enter the hotel), crossed the street and turned right (going left would bring you to the direction of Galaxy) to the bus stop. We waited for Bus No. 9 which stops at Hac Sa Beach. We left Venetian around 11:15 am and arrived around 12:40 pm, no traffic, it was a weekday.

Hac Sa Beach final bus stop
We made the mistake of getting off one stop earlier because there where no signs, in English at least nor could we communicate with the bus driver where we wanted to go. No worries though, we walked about 2 blocks straight to the road and saw the final bus stop (pictured above) and the restaurant facade.

Fernando facade.
We almost missed the restaurant too because seeing the beach, a parking space, a walled compound and small stores lining the street made it so easy to see this humble entry way as just a bunch of trees.  Or maybe it was the hunger?! There are no visible signage outside the restaurant so just look for that bunch of foliage and go right in :)

Inside dining area
We got ushered inside past the open doorway, a dining area,  a wall of foreign currency, an al fresco dining space, an open bar and finally inside this charming dining area. We arrived a little before noon on a weekday which is probably the best time to visit this place as there is no line for waiting that is often reported online. 
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