Friday, August 22, 2014

REVIEW: Fernando at Coloane Village, Macau

One of the most highly recommended restaurants online in Macau is Fernando. We took a free shuttle to the Venetian, crossed their bus parking lot (on your left before you enter the hotel), crossed the street and turned right (going left would bring you to the direction of Galaxy) to the bus stop. We waited for Bus No. 9 which stops at Hac Sa Beach. We left Venetian around 11:15 am and arrived around 12:40 pm, no traffic, it was a weekday.

Hac Sa Beach final bus stop
We made the mistake of getting off one stop earlier because there where no signs, in English at least nor could we communicate with the bus driver where we wanted to go. No worries though, we walked about 2 blocks straight to the road and saw the final bus stop (pictured above) and the restaurant facade.

Fernando facade.
We almost missed the restaurant too because seeing the beach, a parking space, a walled compound and small stores lining the street made it so easy to see this humble entry way as just a bunch of trees.  Or maybe it was the hunger?! There are no visible signage outside the restaurant so just look for that bunch of foliage and go right in :)

Inside dining area
We got ushered inside past the open doorway, a dining area,  a wall of foreign currency, an al fresco dining space, an open bar and finally inside this charming dining area. We arrived a little before noon on a weekday which is probably the best time to visit this place as there is no line for waiting that is often reported online. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Galaxy Macau / Tsui Wah

Went out of our hotel to have midnight snack at the first Tsui Wah in Macau located at the 2F of Galaxy Hotel.

King Sized Prawns with Fried Noodles

"A noodle dish inspired by the classic Peking Sweet and Sour Chili Prawn. The noodles are pan-fried to a crispy and crunchy state, then mixed with succulent sweet and sour king prawns on top."

This dish is so good with just a hint of sweetness and the right amount of chilli that does not burn the tongue but keeps the taste exciting. The number of prawns in the dish was just right. It was served sizzling after a few minutes. The crispy noodles were perfectly done, if I may say so. I am definitely ordering this again and would recommend it to anyone who likes a hint of spiciness in their food. Also, the hot plate ensured the dish didn't grow cold or the noodles to become soggy.

Crispy Buns with Condensed Milk

“Crispy Bun served with sweet condensed milk”is Tsui Wah’s reinvention of a classic Hong Kong snack. Each freshly baked bun is richly coated with thick butter and condensed milk, giving it an irresistible taste that is crispy on the outside and soft inside.

Why order bread with condensed milk in a restaurant when you can just make it at home right? No. Their crispy bun has the right amount of crunch and chewiness, for lack of a better word. The sweetness of the condensed milk is balanced out by the slight saltiness of the butter and the bread. For a midnight snack though it was a bit heavy on the stomach. ;p


We really wanted to try their other food especially the jumbo hotdog but for 2 girls at midnight, it was just too much!

No one is allowed to take photos inside the casino but the interior was too beautiful and I had to risk it.
 Suffice it to say, a Chinese woman shouted at us from across the room telling so we innocently (and briskly) walked away as I put my camera away.
 Some website say the Tsui Wah is only open until midnight, but if I understood the Chinese sign correctly, they are open 24 hours. You may ask for water from the waitress but they'll serve it hot. I didn't know how to ask for cold water.

Peacock wall decor with rainbow changing lights.

We tried to wait for the diamond to float out but we didn't see it. I was wondering though if the koi swimming under the fountain were real.

 The drop off area of Galaxy with a stretch limo casually parked and several other luxury cars waiting.

This place is H U G E. As of the time we went, two other buildings/towers were still being constructed at the back. 

There was so much detail and preciseness put into the making of this hotel and I do want to stay here when I return to Macau. Also, because I want to try the rooftop wave pool.

You can take a free shuttle to Galaxy from other hotels or from the airport or the ferry terminal. Or you can take a bus because there's a bus stop right at the foot of the casino gate. Bus stops have posted details on their routes and it's quite easy to understand and figure out. From Regency Hotel at Taipa Village, we took Bus 21 but you can also take Bus 25. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

5th Philippine Pyromusical International Firework Competition

The second week of the six weeks of the 5th Philippine Pyromusical International Firework Competition was held last 22 February 2014 at SM Mall of Asia. Competitors performing were Spain and the United Kingdom. 

The show started with the BRUNCHU EXPERIENCE OF SPAIN. 

 This is my first pyromusical show so I was pretty much in jaw-dropped-eyes-big-and-glazed-giddy-as-a-kid-on-Christmas-morning stunned, awed and just all around happy watching the show. THIS, not including the fireworks display at Disneyland because that is just a whole different level of magic for me ;p
The fireworks danced in tune to about 5 or 7 songs, I really was not counting nor paying attention.
 Followed by a short break with a short fireworks show by Bonchon.
 The Jubilee Fireworks by the United Kingdom was a league better than that of Spain. The fireworks display was so much bigger and it was in tune most of the time. There were also a greater variety of fireworks used or at least it seemed to my amateur eyes.
 If I remember correctly, they both used Don't You Worry Child by the Swedish House Mafia. I'm not sure if this was a requirement for the competition.

 UK had hearts and double hearts fireworks but my favourite was the ball of gold glitter like fireworks with purple tips. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a good photo of it.
 Aside from the fireworks, it was also very nice to hear the kids screaming in awe and excitement whenever big fireworks come out.
Maybe, UK will be able to defend its title this year but then again, there's 4 more weeks and 7 countries more to go so it's really anybody's game still. 
For more details, visit the Pyrolympics Website The show is supposed to start at 7:00 pm although with us it started a little bit later. However, best to come earlier to get a good spot as people pile in as early as 5 pm. 
Short clip of the fireworks display of UK shot by my friend :)
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