Monday, February 24, 2014

5th Philippine Pyromusical International Firework Competition

The second week of the six weeks of the 5th Philippine Pyromusical International Firework Competition was held last 22 February 2014 at SM Mall of Asia. Competitors performing were Spain and the United Kingdom. 

The show started with the BRUNCHU EXPERIENCE OF SPAIN. 

 This is my first pyromusical show so I was pretty much in jaw-dropped-eyes-big-and-glazed-giddy-as-a-kid-on-Christmas-morning stunned, awed and just all around happy watching the show. THIS, not including the fireworks display at Disneyland because that is just a whole different level of magic for me ;p
The fireworks danced in tune to about 5 or 7 songs, I really was not counting nor paying attention.
 Followed by a short break with a short fireworks show by Bonchon.
 The Jubilee Fireworks by the United Kingdom was a league better than that of Spain. The fireworks display was so much bigger and it was in tune most of the time. There were also a greater variety of fireworks used or at least it seemed to my amateur eyes.
 If I remember correctly, they both used Don't You Worry Child by the Swedish House Mafia. I'm not sure if this was a requirement for the competition.

 UK had hearts and double hearts fireworks but my favourite was the ball of gold glitter like fireworks with purple tips. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a good photo of it.
 Aside from the fireworks, it was also very nice to hear the kids screaming in awe and excitement whenever big fireworks come out.
Maybe, UK will be able to defend its title this year but then again, there's 4 more weeks and 7 countries more to go so it's really anybody's game still. 
For more details, visit the Pyrolympics Website The show is supposed to start at 7:00 pm although with us it started a little bit later. However, best to come earlier to get a good spot as people pile in as early as 5 pm. 
Short clip of the fireworks display of UK shot by my friend :)
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