Friday, July 5, 2013

REVIEW x SWATCH: Rimmel Forever Shape Mascara

Rimmel Forever Shape Mascara is a life changer! My make-up artist friend Finella Manuel got me this from her recent trip in Japan. After a quick search online, I've come to the conclusion that this is an exclusive Rimmel Japan only product. Rimmel Forever Shape Mascara comes in two variants, Super Long and Super Volume. I got Super Long and I need Super Volume. It is waterproof even on my bottom lashes and lasts a whole day on me. It literally keeps my lashes long and curled from morning until night without need of re-application. Not that I would advise re-applying mascara as this can lead to all sorts of makeup mishaps. 

It has a curved wand with short fine bristles. Admittedly I was apprehensive when I saw how seemingly clumped together the bristles were but I soon discovered their very effective use. Upon application, it doesn't feel like the brush actually touches all my lashes. However, I realize that the dense bristles allows for the wand to coat my lashes sparingly without clumping while "pulling" it upwards and giving it a curled effect. 

Bare lashes.

One coat of Rimmel Forever Shape Super Long Mascara. You can see that it has visibly extended my lashes already without particularly thickening it giving a natural look. I apply the mascara by wiggling the curved (middle) part of the brush sideways on my lashes while pulling the brush upwards. 
 This is 3 coats of mascara (could be more :) ). Yes I like to apply a lot of mascara especially if I don't have any eye make up :) You can see that it has added volume to my lashes without clumping it. 

I curled my lashes and voila. Drama drama drama. I usually curl my lashes before I apply mascara but for purposes of this review, I decided to curl it after applying the mascara. Notice how my lashes look thicker and longer? It has also opened my eyes and that is even without eye liner. Needless to say, I absolutely love this Rimmel Mascara and I am on the hunt for the Super Volume variant so I can layer them! :)


  • Anyone who is in Japan (Please buy for me too!)
  • Wants longer lashes
  • Wants an affordable mascara
  • Who does not want long lashes (Seriously!?!?!)

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