Tuesday, April 16, 2013

REVIEW x SWATCH: Urban Decay Naked Basics

I got my Naked Basics Urban Decay Palette as a gift from MUA Finella Manuel and I absolutely loved it!!! It's now my favorite go-to palette and is always in my makeup bag :) 

 It's very versatile that you can use the middle colors for everyday light makeup and the last two colors to add some intensity to your eye makeup for night. I also like how the mirror uses up the whole space of the cover because I really don't like it when the mirrors in compacts are too small which make them practically useless. It isn't heavy and does not take up much space with a practical flat rectangular shape.
L-R: Venus, Foxy, W.O.S., Naked 2, Faint, Crave
 Foxy, W.O.S., Naked 2 and Faint all have a silky feel. Venus is just the slightest bit harder and also my favorite. It adds a nice sheen for the inner corner of the eye or as highlight to the brow bone. Crave deposits the most color in one stroke and has a looser feel to it. Crave can also be used as liner. However, you have to be really careful when applying Crave because even the slightest brush of it deposits so much color already and has a bit of a fallout.
Foxy is not very saturated and may be too light for those with darker skin color. It is slightly buildable. W.O.S. is light also with pink undertones. I use Naked 2 as a shadow for the hollow of my eye socket. It lasts for about 3-4 hours without primer depending on the humidity because I have oily lids. All in all, primer would be advisable with the formulation of the palette especially those with oily lids.

  • Compact
  • Convertible to day to night makeup
  • Practical palette shape 
  • Easy to get makeup because of rectangular  shape
  • Convenient
  • Can be used for school, office, parties
  • Does not come with brush/applicator
  • Might be too light for those with dark skin
  • Not all colors are completely buildable
  • Light to medium skin tone
  • Wants palette to go from a day to night look
  • Can work with black
  • Needs an everyday palette

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