Sunday, March 3, 2013

EVENT: Laura Mercier Arabesque Look Workshop

Last February 22, 2013, Laura Mercier held a workshop conducted by Chief Make-up Artist for Laura Mercier, Qua Mark Kingson at the 1st level Cosmetics Floor of Rustan's Shanri-la.. 

When I see pretty set-ups like this, it makes  me want to head to Home Depot, buy a new dresser and rearrange my vanity. Hay.

Over-eager dean's listers :) 
I went with my best buds make-up artist Finella and Anina of Wear Mauve. We swear we did not talk about wearing red lips. It was just raining that day so we thought.. RED! Deep red :) totally not in theme with the Arabesque look of Laura :))

I'll have one of each please ;) I really do love the Flawless finish of Laura and I think it works so well for us in Manila where heavy make-up may not be in keeping with our more or less year-round summer. 
Qua doing Iya's make-up
Here is Qua working his magic on model/blogger Iya Consengco of Miss Pretty Little Petite. Qua gave us a little background of most of the Laura Mercier products as well as tips on how to maximize the use of the products and advice which product would best suit our skin tone, the weather, etc. Best of all, you can ask questions that Qua generously answered :)

Qua, Mica, Fin, Anina, Me
Photo with MUA Qua and Mica Agdamag of Rustan's who got us in the workshop :) We're so lucky to attend the FREE workshop of Laura Mercier which was both very informative and entertaining to say the least :)
Anina, Iya, Fin, Me, Mica
Made friends with model/blogger Iya :) She was just so nice and bubbly plus we found out we actually live in the same village and have common friends. Small world indeed :) Do check out her blog -- Miss Pretty Little Petite.
And today's winner is.. Me! hahaha Qua was super nice enough to do my eye makeup when I told him I actually had an event to go to after the workshop. I swear he has the lightest hands! I thought I was going to fall asleep while he was doing my makeup. He used the Arabesque palette to create a neutral smoky eye which really opened up my eyes. I especially loved the (full blown I think) mascara he used which stayed ALL night on me without smudging and really made my lashes so much fuller like I was wearing falsies.  

Thank you so much Qua!!!!!! I absolutely loved my eye makeup! I think I need the cafe au lait shadow you used on my brows and that wonderful mascara and of course, the Arabesque palette with the loveliest shade of peach lipstick! 

I swear the picture doesn't do justice to my eye makeup! If I had known I would be part of the impromptu makeup session I would have taken before and after photos and reapplied my lipstick :))

Kaz, Me, Nikki
I changed my lipstick, added some blush and put down my hair and I was ready for the night :D Here's a photo from the event with my cousins :)

PS. I heard Laura Mercier will have another workshop this March. Maybe I'll see you there?! :) Follow Qua's instagram (mkqua) for more updates :) Maybe you'll get lucky like me and get a free makeover :D
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  1. At last!! I'm following you already! You're sooo pretty! I wish I had eyebrows like yours! Very Audrey Hepburn brows! ^_^



    1. I love your Mega feature!! haha will blog about it after my exams ;)


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