Sunday, February 3, 2013

REVIEW x SWATCH: Missha BB Boomer Cream

Missha B.B. Boomer is a BB boosting cream. It's supposed to make your BB cream last longer and make it appear brighter. Initially I thought this was just a regular BB primer. From first application though, I knew that this was no ordinary primer. I don't know exactly how much this retail because this was just given to me but the Missha website says $20.
MISSHA says:

BB Boomer is used prior to the application of BB Cream. It enhances the effectiveness of BB Cream, resulting in better adherence and long-lasting wear. The pink pearl powder makes skin look brighter. It helps keep skin feeling soft and moisturized. The Boomer also features wrinkle repairing and whitening functions.

Moringa, Mannan, and Olive ingredients leave skin moisturized even after makeup.Adenosine and Arbutin help improve skin tone and fine lines.
Right now I would like to say though that regarding its whitening and wrinkle repairing functions I do not have any opinion. While it did make my skin feel soft and moisturized, I still would use my moisturizer before application because the weather now makes my combination/oily skin dry sometimes. I also recommend using a primer or makeup base if you don't have smooth skin like me. It may seem redundant but the thing about this booster is that it is a sort of highlighter which will cast a spotlight on all those little bumps and holes on your skin. 
The first time I used it I applied the booster directly onto my face. I was really surprised to see my face "glow" and that's when I realized it was more than just a primer. The skin absorbs the booster with gentle patting but leaves you with a really subtle glow. I tap my face gently just to seal the primer in then apply my BB cream which went on much more smoothly on my face.

Don't be scared of its white color because as you will see in the photos below, it does blend well with the skin leaving only a pearly/pink/lavender sheen. Some people blend the booster and the BB cream on their hand and apply the mixed blend to their face. I don't recommend this for someone who has combination/oily skin because then you'll end up with sheen + shine all over your face instead of just specific parts. You may also use a brush but I prefer to use my fingers even with my BB cream :)
I really got scared of the sheen effect because of my combination/oily skin but the booster itself does not cause my skin to become oily. It goes on light on my skin and actually makes my skin feel moisturized. I used Missha Matte BB Cream and lightly dusted my face with Bobbi Brown pressed powder. Normally, that combination would cause my skin to appear flat but surprisingly, the dewy/luminescent effect remained. It was almost as if my skin was emitting its own highlight or glow. This was probably because it was underneath the powder.   
I also liked that the pearl powder was tinted with a bit of pink/lavender because it greatly complemented my yellow skin tone. For those with darker skin tone, I suggest you try this first as it may be too pale or white. The dewy effect lasted about 5-6 hours on me but my BB cream went on until about 8 hours although I did retouch my powder. 

  • Made skin feel soft and smooth
  • Did not make my skin oily
  • Gave a dewy/luminescent sheen
  • A small drop goes a long way

  • Combination/oily skin needs to be more careful when using
  • Longevity of wear (4-6 hours)
  • Not ideal for those who don't have smooth skin

  • Dry skin
  • Does not like highlighters but wants a dewy glow
  • BB cream user (haven't used this with foundation)
  • Pale skin

I know I don't necessarily fall under the "who should buy it" category BUT I do love what this does to my skin and with a little effort I know I can rock this on me so I will continue using and loving this booster ;)

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