Thursday, January 24, 2013

REVIEW x SWATCH: MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme

I think it's just apt that my first blog post is about a product I am currently obsessing about, the MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme. This is part of the Stylish Brow Collection that quickly sold out online and is not yet available in Manila. 
A little backstory on how I acquired this lovely product. I asked my friend in LA to get me this one. She couldn't buy it online and fortunately for me, the day she went to the MAC store was the day the Stylish Brow collection arrived in-store. This was the last piece available because the person who reserved it did not pick it up. Beauty luck has smiled down on me :)

MAC Website says: 

Long-wearing waterproof gel in a pot for giving precise definition to brows. Applies smoothly, sets quickly for the ultimate well-groomed brow. Fills, lengthens and shapes for subtle to dramatic looks.
I got Deep Dark Brunette which people say is a warm tone brown. On my warm/ yellow skin tone, it adjusts nicely to my black brows making it seem like a very very dark brown. But on my arm, you can definitely see the warmness of the brown. When you dip the brush into the pot, it feels like a condensed creamy matte formula. Once you apply it on your brows, it almost feels like you are just using powder, like a condensed powder that glides smoothly on your brows. It sets quickly so be sure to blend it immediately once you put it on to tone down the color.
However, it does need a bit of work. You have to be very careful how much you apply because although it can be smudged or toned down upon application, you would not be able to erase or remove most of it if, let's say you made a mistake lining your brows. Once it sets, that's it, that would be your eyebrows for the rest of the day. With practice though, I think I could learn to use this like a pencil :) Also, I'm a little wary that it might be prone to drying but I'm hoping that the gel part will prevent that from happening.
The color is very saturated and you need only the smallest amount on your brush for a rich color. Two very light taps on it with my brush was enough to do one eyebrow.  I used my MAC 266 brush but Stylish Brow Collection promotes the MAC 208. The formula is buildable so it really is better to apply it lightly so you can determine how dark you want your brows to look. I have a scar on one of my eyebrows which it covered like magic. The sparse parts of my brows were also nicely filled in once I smudged the liner giving that nice shady, gradient effect. (I'm sorry there's no other way I can describe it :D)
  • Reasonably priced at $15
  • Waterproof
  • Lasts all day without budging or smudging
  • Gives the effect natural looking full brows
  • Color adjusts to my natural black brows
  • Can still be smudged before it sets
  • Limited edition
  • Limited colors
  • Does not come with its own brush
  • Appreciates clean and filled in brows (who doesn't?1)
  • Wants an eyebrow liner that lasts all day through sweat and oil
  • Does not mind exerting a little bit of effort on their brows
This was the "damage" done the first time I used it. You really only need the smallest amount on your brush because of its rich and saturated color and tone. I absolutely love this and I urge you to buy one if you can. Even if you don't want it but you can buy it, BUY IT! Then sell it to someone who wants it :) 
Left photo is taken when I first applied it. Right photo is about 8 or 9 hours after. You can see my eye makeup is almost gone and my liner is slightly smudged but my eyebrows are unchanged! Love love it!
Let me know what you think, if you have this already or if you're interested on owning it :)

P.S. I used this during a more or less 2 hour badminton game where I sweat a lot, only the edges were erased but overall, my eyebrows looked the same. :)

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